MUNDOTEC COMPONENTS, S.L. is a distributor of electronic components, avionic components, and computer peripherals.
We specialize in active/passive components, high performance processors and memory commercial, industrial, as well as long lead-time, and hard-to-find electronics components.
With standard contract and market expertise, we can keep costs low and pass the savings to our customers, thus being an excellent alternative to traditional authorized franchise distributors. MUNDOTEC COMPONENTS, S.L. is proud to have an unfaltering commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.

MUNDOTEC COMPONENTS, S.L. can help you with your commercial, industrial, military, aerospace, medical, automotive board level electronic components & accessories.
We strive to help our existing and new customers in meeting their needs. Your specialty projects are our strongest and the difficulty to find items are our specialty. We understand that our customers need more than a supplier; they need a strategic partner in their supply chain. We have become a key asset to our customers with our global network of suppliers, reduction of procurement cycles, lower transaction costs though providing quality electronic components.